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Apr. 28, 2012, New Jiyang signed the project of Gaoqiao Logistic Zone for Petrochemical Products in the district government office in Dantu, Zhenjiang. Secretary Chen Lin and other district government leaders, Chairman Ye and other group leaders took part

Apr. 16, 2012, Chairman Ye took part in a charity party with other group leaders and he was invited to be the honorable commander of Jiangyin Charity volunteer group. Some stars gave excellent shows to move the audiences a lot.

This is a benefit performance for collecting the treatment costs for a Jiangyin girl named Miao Lin, who was diagnosed to have congenital heart disease, but her family doesn’t have enough money to afford the surgery, but she was still fighting with the disease and keeping optimistic for the life and study.

Many people helped her after knowing her miserable experience. Mr. Ye took part in the party and donated 20 thousand RMB. He took action to fulfill his pledge for the society and help the vulnerable groups.

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