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Group and affiliated companies
  Jiangyin New Jiyang Petroleum Co., Ltd
  Jiangsu Xin LEETO Energy Development Co., Ltd.
  Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd
  Runyang Mineral Oil(HK) Limited
  Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin New Jiyang Energy Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin Yinxin Estates Co., Ltd
  Jiangyin Yinxin Investment Co., Ltd..
  Jiangsu Sunwarm Carbon Crystal Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu NEW JIYANG Group

¡¡ Message from the President   ¡¡


¡¡¡¡¡¡With the surging world economy, ¡°Excellent quality, refined products, large business scale, sound strength, good service¡± is the firm business objective of NEW JIYANG and ¡°Integrity in operation; cooperation for double win¡± is the core concept always kept by NEW JIYANG staff.
Times give us a good opportunity for development. We will look at the international market, integrate resources, actively explore, constantly innovate and expand the space to build a whole new platform for the further development of NEW JIYANG.
We will, with quality products, reasonable price, fast speed, provide our customers with value-added services and continuous improvement.
     Relying on talent, we develop; relying on customers, we exist; in the sky of reform & opening-up, we are soaring; with the support from all walks of life, we are rapidly advancing. NEW JIYANG Group enjoying increasing strength, vitality and cohesion, and with an open mind and high spirits, is ready for a new round of venture climax. We sincerely welcome friends from various circles domestically and abroad to cooperate in business developing and jointly write a more splendid chapter.

¡¡ Group Introduction   ¡¡

¡¡¡¡Jiangsu New Jiyang Group is a conglomerate group integrating energy, finance, investment and science/technology into a whole. We are located in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu province. With the unique regional advantages, we are keeping the foothold in Jiangyin, reaching to the whole country and aiming at the world. We developed rapidly and have been ranked among the key enterprises in Jiangyin city 5with good commercial reputation, solid financial strength and modern, efficient and specialized managerial system.
    The group consists of ten subsidiaries, namely Jiangyin New Jiyang Petroleum Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xin LEETO Energy Development Co., Ltd.., Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Runyang Mineral Oil(HK) Limited, Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Yinxin Investment Co., Ltd..., Jiangyin Yinxin Estates Co., Ltd., Jiangyin New Jiyang Energy Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Sunwarm Carbon Crystal Science & Technology Co., Ltd.. We have eight functional management departments namely Strategic Development Center, Human Resources Center, Administration Center, Financial Management Center, Fund Operation Center, Law Dept., Investment Dept. and Construction Management Dept.
    The key enterprise of the Group have obtained ISO9001-2000 International Quality Management System Certification, the import/export operation right, the petroleum products wholesale license, the pawn license as well as advantageous resources, such as the self-provided bonded oil depot. We are well-known in the fields of lubricant base oil, liquid chemicals, finance, etc. in East China. Our sound strength, advanced management, high quality products and first-class service have got consistent high praise from the customers.

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