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Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd.
    Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd. is an integrated service enterprise approved by the State Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Public Security, offering special services of pawn/financing. It specializes in providing chattel and property right pledge service as well as real estate mortgage loan service to corporations, natural persons and other economic organizations.
    While carrying forth the traditional pawn pledge and mortgage financing loan business, we are dedicated to providing fast financing service to medium and small enterprises as well as to general public. We take ¡°Swiftness, good faith and standardization¡± as our tenet and are determined to become the ¡°filling station for medium and small enterprises¡± and the ¡°emergency lamp for the general public.¡±
    We rely on the advantage of our sound strength, standardize management and strict & precise work style to give full play to the advantage of flexible financing, strive to build a new and standardized financing platform, sincerely and timely solve problems for small and medium enterprises and individuals and make ¡°Yinxin Pawn¡± become the emergency financing window for the general public and fast financing channel for medium and small enterprises.


Real Estate
Residential housing, Second-hand housing, Warehouse, factories building, Office building, Storefront, etc.
Automotive Vehicle
High-grade cars.
Civil Supplies
Gold ornament, jewelry, personal computer, home appliances, luxury watches, etc.
Valuable Documents
Acceptance bill, deposit receipt, foreign currency, state treasury bond, warehouse receipts, Bill of lading.
¡¡others Machinery and equipment, paperless securities: Shanghai circulation A shares, Shenzhen circulation A shares; variety of finished goods, etc.



For Cash Position
1. Bank loan repayment 2. Cash deposit 3. Drafts cash pledge 4. Competitive auction
1. School study 2. Seeing the Doctor 3. Fortuitous accident
1. Business cash flow 2. Raw materials purchase 3. Circulating fund 4. Stock 5. Project
1. Personal consumption 2. Business travel expenses 3. Tourism consumption 4. Real Estate and Cars 5. Entertainment




1¡¢mortgage , must submit related information
mortgagor,( not the same) legal person ,shall submit annual audit of business license in duplicate , enterrprise legal code,legal person ID, consignees , (not the legal person) shall submit trusty book by legal person and show id duplicate. If Mortgagor is individual ,shall submit duplicate id ,and the duplicate will be checked origin.
2¡¢the pledged property assessment
our bank adopt current value assessment by expert valuator,, if the goods is high price ,it can be check by authourized organizations.
3¡¢pawn payment and valid pawn during
Pawn payment usually get paid by valuator according to a certain conversion ratio , the top conversion ratio is up to 80%. valid pawn during our bank set is 5days to six months different, in accordance with business type , chosen by mortgagor , within pawn during and after valid pawn during five days , by mutual negotiate ,we agree extend pawn during
4¡¢safekeeping of the pledged
Our bank has the duty to safe keep the pledged property ,. If the pledged property damages, loss s(except for natural destruction), in accordance with "pawn Management Measures" regulation the Bank shall compensate the amount according to the valued valuation.
5¡¢difference between pawn and pawn extending
pawn is a behavior mortgage real estate, cars, stocks, bonds, gold and silver jewelry and other valuable goods and property rights (arrival) into the pawn shops, At a certain expense then get pawn payment , after a certain agreed period by mutual agreement, the mortgator pay back the pawn payment and then redeem the pledged property Pawn extending is a behavior ,at the expiry of the pawn ,the mortgagor failed to pay debts , by mutual consent,, extend the period of the pledged , sign pawn ticket and contract again , Period of pawn extending , maximum, is no more than 6 months.
6¡¢ransom and ransom give up
Before the expiration, if Mortgagor pay off the ransom , interests and related expense ahead of time, our bank agree to redemption of the pledged ,carrying with original id and pawn ticket . Period expires, mortgagor shall pay off the pawn payment, interest ,and related expense promptly when pawn time is full,we agreed to redeem the pledgeds holding with original id and pawn ticket, After the expiry or pawn extending ,or overtime ransom, apart from agreed charges and interest and related costs, the other day will charge by total amount of 0.3% to the agreed penalty , if after 5 days of pawn period , the mortgagor still fails to redeem the pledged ,we view ransom give up ,, ransom give up , our bank will have the rights of dispose legally
7¡¢lose pawn ticket
pawn ticket is the warrant for mortgagor , it shall not be forged or altered, or amended When the pawn ticket lose , mortgagor shall promptly apply for lose ,with related document , if the pledged falsely claimed, we are not responsible for the compensation.
Mortgagor not eighty years old is , not qualified to pawn , the mortgagor shall have the qualified right to the pleaded property.
9¡¢ below property cannot be pledged
1¡¢natural resources or property that laws and regulations prohibit ;
2¡¢legally confiscated, seized or other protective items ;
3¡¢inflammable and explosive materials, pledged or secured items;
4¡¢stolen goods and good from unknown source;
5¡¢other items without valid documents to prove.
10¡¢Pawn fees and interest rates
1¡¢Rate of pawn, implemented according to the 6-month official statutory interest rates published by the People's Bank of China and the converted pawn period.
2¡¢ Pawn fees including general service fees, custodial fees and management fees will be deducted for the pawn payment. The general monthly rate of chattel pledge pawn should not exceed 4.2% of pawn payment. The general monthly rate of real estate mortgage should not exceed 2.7% of pawn payment. The general monthly rate of property rights pledge should not exceed 2.4% of pawn payment. If the pawn period is less than 5 days, the related fees will be charged the same as that of 5 days. (Notes: When the related official interest rates changes, the pawn interest rates will be adjusted accordingly.)

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