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  Jiangyin New Jiyang Petroleum Co., Ltd
  Jiangsu Xin LEETO Energy Development Co., Ltd.
  Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd
  Runyang Mineral Oil(HK) Limited
  Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin New Jiyang Energy Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin Yinxin Estates Co., Ltd
  Jiangyin Yinxin Investment Co., Ltd..
  Jiangsu Sunwarm Carbon Crystal Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd

¡¡¡¡Founded in 2002 and covering an area of 3.33 hectares, Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Hong Kong OPELLI Industrial Co., Ltd. and Jiangyin New Jiyang Petroleum Co., Ltd. with the registered capital of US$6,000,000. The company specializes in OEM processing business of medium and high-grade vehicle oil, industrial oil, special lubricant oil, and storage warehousing business of lubricant base oils.
   We strictly execute ISO9001-2008 Quality System Standards, control the work quality of every aspect of its production and operation so as to provide customers with first-class products and service.
   The warehousing section is under the supervision by Jiangsu Province Customs for bonded goods and it has 34 oil storage tanks with a total oil storage of over 30,000 cubic meters, 10 tanks among which being foreign trade storage tanks supervised by the Customs, with the storage capacity being 20,000 cubic meters, plus 12,000 cubic meters of public bonded storage. Two oil pipelines from two outside 10,000 metric ton-level wharfs are connected to the oil tank area. One wharf can berth the ship of 40,000 metric tons and the other can berth the ship of 8,000 metric tons. We have ten delivery platforms and other supporting facilities, such as transformer room, air compressor machine room, oil pump control room and fire pump room, etc.
   The OEM processing factory of the Production Dept. has a lubricating oil producing and processing system with an annual capacity of 30,000 metric tons. The factory¡¯s building area is about 3500 square meters. The main products involve: vehicle oil, such as petrol engine oil, diesel engine oil; industrial oil, such as hydraulic oil, gear oil; other oil products, such as quenching oil, cutting oil, etc. Our OPELLI lubricant oils for vehicle and industry use are produced by international advanced technology with imported base oil and additives of high quality.
   We take ¡°Innovating product and enhancing value-added service; creating value and sharing profit space¡± as our tenet. With Innovative mechanisms and an open mind, we are sincerely looking forward to co-operation with customers for further business development.


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