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Group and affiliated companies
  Jiangyin New Jiyang Petroleum Co., Ltd
Jiangsu OPELLI Petrochemical Co., Ltd
Wuxi Yinxin Pawn Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin New Jiyang Energy Science & Technology Service Co., Ltd.
  Jiangyin Yinxin Estates Co., Ltd
  Jiangsu Sunwarm Carbon Crystal Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovate training examination mode and promote working capac...2012-8-22
New Jiyang Leaders extended their regards to the workers at ...2012-8-2
Semi-annual summarizing meeting of Year 2012 was organized s...2012-7-31
The fourth Ping Pong competition was organized successfully2012-6-21
Professor Wu Guangwei gave a speech to New Jiyang People2012-6-8
Apr. 28, 2012, New Jiyang signed the project of Gaoqiao Logi...2012-5-10
New Jiyang signed the project of Gaoqiao Logistic Zone for P...2012-5-5
A travel to Zhejiang was held in AprilA travel to Zhejiang w...2012-5-4
New Jiyang Group organized the speech competition of ¡°To Be ...2012-4-17
Jiangyin Jiyang Judicial Aid Association held the first salv...2012-4-9
The expert gave speech about the directions of the economy t...2012-3-29
Government Leader Sun Ying visited New Jiyang Group2012-3-14
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